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Brooklyn Circus SF “Shop Warming Party”

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If you’re in SF, you should definitely stop by.  Cool people, fresh gear, free popcorn…


Hip-Hop x Nature

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This video…LOVE x 1000.

Thanks 2dopeboyz.

Clipse Present Re-Up Gang (Album Preview)

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I don’t even know why they’re calling this a preview…sounds like the full version to me.

Peep here.


Gravis Viking Hi LX LTD

Posted in Sneakers with tags , , , , , on July 28, 2008 by Los

Sometimes you need to step out of your Nikes, Vans, or Reeboks, and find your swagger elsewhere. Here’s a little head start: Viking Hi LX LTD. Once you figure out where they’re dropping, holler at the kid.

Mattel Hover Board

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I’ve been to the future…it’s dope. Hover boards are one of the cooler things I saw there. I brought one back with me but can’t ride it for shit…that being said, I’m ebaying it here (not really). Bidding starts at $30,000.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

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Hey guy…those Wayfarers are played. Try these Clubmasters on for size.

Purchase here.

Shout out to ZPO.

Head Porter Lesson – Zipper Wallet

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Around $40…

Now you can ditch that fake Louis Vuitton and hop on that Wavie Crockett.

Cop the Head Porter here.

Big up Hypebeast.