DURKL denim

These days, I either wear vibrant, colorful pants or no pants at all. I like to match the color of my pant with my mood. I wear the blues when I’m feeling blue…maybe on days when my girl is neglecting me, not giving me the special attention I deserve, not IM’ing me.  I wear the reds when I’m fired up…you know, Wednesdays. And the yellows…those make an appearance when I’m showing coward-like tendencies (never).

I’m not saying colorful pants are meant for everyone but if you can pull the look off, why not dabble…

Available in classic and slim cut. Purchase at DURKL.


One Response to “DURKL denim”

  1. Barn Stain Says:

    Julie: I had to block you from my buddy list. You were incessant.
    Luke: You blocked me? I thought you were just offline.

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