New Era 59FIFTY Change Up Fitted Cap

There are going to be times when I post about absolute shit. This is one of those times.

What New Era visionary birthed this idea? Who ok’d this for production? Velcro!?!? Grody-minody.

The 59FIFTY just took about 47 steps backwards with this one…


4 Responses to “New Era 59FIFTY Change Up Fitted Cap”

  1. are you kidding me?????? this hat is dope.

  2. ja man…. the hat will match the shirt …if not just change your sign….by the way …where can i order just the logos?

  3. i have this hat in la its hard to find?and stupid teacher took it away and dosnt want 2 give it back!!

  4. Where can i get them i’ve searched everywhere but i didn’t found them can anyone tell me please where can i get them !

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