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era-lxJust like the majority of earthlings, the kid goes through phases. I had my AF1 phase, Air Max 90’s phase, Dunk Low, Dunk High, Jordan, Pump, Bape, Supra…you name it, I phased it.

Currently, the Van ERA is my shoe of choice. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I’m grown. Or maybe, just maybe, the Van ERA phase is a direct result of my student status/lack of funds. Either way, the ERA does not disappoint. The look is definitely growing on me, and I see the shoe becoming a staple in my collection…true story.

Cop the ERA LX online at Huf.

Stay fresh.


Happy Thanksgiving…

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thanksgiving…from Fresh Till Death.

Clipse – Big Dreams

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play-cloths1Heavens to Murgatroid!

The Clipse. Cannot. Lose. And Pusha-T…well, he’s just the nicest out right now. Hands down.

Download Big Dreams here.

Big up to 2dopeboyz.

Greedy Genius Apache Onyx

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greedy-genius-apache-onyx-1Finally, a Greedy Genius sneaker I might be able to rock…might.

At first glance, I immediately noticed hints of the J3 and 5.  But, there’s definitely some J7 and AF2 in the shoe as well. Go on, don’t be shy…take a little gander. If you’re not blind or a numbskull, you’ll see.

For more info on the Apache, check Hypebeast.

For the yurples, go here.

For the eightiesed-out Apaches, go here.

Peace and God bless.

SSUR “Scary Hours” SSUR*PLUS Exclusive Sweater

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shark-sweatshirtThe only thing cooler than sharks in sweaters is sharks on sweaters. So even though I’d never wear this, I felt it necessary to share it with others. Plus, I know a certain someone is currently going NUTS at the site of this cotton atrocity. You know who you are…

Online Exclusive 80’s Jack Tee (White)

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white-play-clothsIf you haven’t heard, Play Cloth’s Winter Collection dropped this Friday. From what I’ve seen, the line is legit. I’m really digging the logo, the prices aren’t too absurd, and the Clipse have cosigned. Expect big things from this brand.

Cop the 80’s Tee here.

See more Play Cloths at Commonwealth.

Helpful side note: I’ve been told Play Cloths fit a bit small, smaller than BBC at least.

And that my friends, is a wrap.

Resonate – Border Cardigan

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kardyIt’s getting cool out, and cool out means layers. Cool out also means “cool the fuck out”, but that’s neither here nor there.

Now where were we…ahh yes, layers. Layers are key during the winter months. That being said, the cardy is a very underestimated and overlooked layer. I find this to be quite surprising given it’s stylishness and classic appeal.  It’s a good look, an essential look, and now I’m rambling.  Bottom line, we should all have at least one or two cardigans in our wardrobe, especially during the upcoming months.

Buy the above here.