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XV – A.D.D.

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addcoverMight as well make it two in a row…

The first single off his upcoming album.

Is it fire?

Are polar bears awesome and do their faces turn red when they eat?

Can Horatio Caine shoot someone with absolute accuracy from 300 yards away with a handgun?

Yea, don’t ask stupid questions.

Download here.


The Square In The Circle [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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thesquareinthecircleyo3If you haven’t downloaded this by now…for free…you’re sleeping.

Stop catching ZZZzzz’s.

Download here.

Patrick Chewing

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“Nice flannel, Ryan.”

Maiden Noir – Wrath Bomber (black)

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mn-wrathHeavens to Betsy, that’s a dope jacket!

What’s that? I just got a job offer?

Jacket = Mine.

Cop here.

8-Bit Hip Hop

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8bithiphopCoolest thing I’ve heard in weeks.

Have a listen here.

Download here.

Big up to Chaseburgala.

Super – The Flat Top

Posted in Accessories with tags , , , , , , on March 10, 2009 by Los

2a020203zoom12a020203zoom22a020203zoom3I feel like gold lenses might be the new silver lenses. Maybe gold lenses are the new clear lenses. Whichever the case, the fact remains – Super is pretty much killing it right now…gold lenses or not.

Cop here.

Play Cloths – Cat’s Meow Shirt (Red)

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play-cloths-2009-spring-summer-collection-03Another classic yet fresh look from Play Cloths. It’s nice to see some maturity in such a young brand. I hope they keep it up.

On a sadder note, Clipse were SUPPOSED to drop their new single featuring Kanye today.

They didn’t.

Cop the button-up here.