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Supra TK

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supra-tk-society-grey-patent-2supra-society-tk-1supra-society-tk-2-540x3881Set to drop later this year, the Supra TK’s (Terry Kennedy’s) look similar to the sneaks I wear when I’m runnin’ laps on Saturn’s rings. It’s funny actually. The last time I was up there, this alien was all like, “wow, you’re the flyest earthling this side of the milky way.” I think he/she was trying to hit on me but I couldn’t tell if he/she was a boy or girl so I just kept on running. Weird.

More info on the TK’s here and here.


Play Cloths Dirty Duffle

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Ostrich skin duffle? A very unexpected accessory from such a young clothing line (slash) lifestyle brand.

Due out this summer.

More info here.

Supra Skytop TUF (Black)

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A lot of traffic coming in and out of this site is due to the above sneaker. Earlier this year it was impossible to find, but a few places have restocked and real talk, this is a must-have for anybody that’s into Skytops. Bottom line, these don’t get beat up. They’ve become my go-to sneaker and still look brand new.

Still not a believer? Okay -> before vs. after.

Cop at Huf.

Cop at Karmaloop.

This Ain’t No Mixtape

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In an era where most MC’s are hot garbage, Curren$y’s new album is pretty refreshing. Well worth my $8.99 (that’s 2 cheesy gordita crunches and a grilled steak burrito . . . get a water cup and fill that bitch with sprite on the low).

Cop the album here.

INCASE/DQM/HUF Messenger Bags

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Not really one for messenger bags, but if I were, I’d cop.

Huf here.

DQM here.

Eminem – 3 A.M.

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New Eminem. Super duper ill.

Listen here.

Download here.

Supreme – Western Plaid (indigo)

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A lot of designers are throwing out some pretty god-awful flannels these days. This on the other hand, is the exact opposite of god-awful.

Cop at Supreme.