Supra TK

supra-tk-society-grey-patent-2supra-society-tk-1supra-society-tk-2-540x3881Set to drop later this year, the Supra TK’s (Terry Kennedy’s) look similar to the sneaks I wear when I’m runnin’ laps on Saturn’s rings. It’s funny actually. The last time I was up there, this alien was all like, “wow, you’re the flyest earthling this side of the milky way.” I think he/she was trying to hit on me but I couldn’t tell if he/she was a boy or girl so I just kept on running. Weird.

More info on the TK’s here and here.


4 Responses to “Supra TK”

  1. Lucas Mays Says:

    Got the tip from Patrick about this blog…. These are the first bad boys I saw. Soooo Frosh. Nice to see that you’re letting peeps know about such epic digs.
    Keep it up man.


  2. Dont forget to support Street Dreams starring Dyrdek people! Kick Push!!! I found this for it(, its supposed to drop this week, should be sick! Hopefully!

  3. wee mnui hermossas son estas zapas en argentina hay? mas presisamente en resistencia chaco? me gustaron mucho y la quiero

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