CLAE McQueen 2009 Fall Sneakers


The Mature Fresh (Part 1):

I can see myself doing some extremely mature things in these. For starters, I’d wake up and not hit the snooze button. Instead, I’d hop right in the shower and wash my body parts. After shampooing AND conditioning my hair (herbal essences), I’d towel off and eat a well balanced breakfast (the most important meal of the day). After devouring my food, I’d brush the pearly whites and get dressed. I’d opt for a collared shirt over a tee and dark jeans as opposed lighter ones. On the way out of my apartment complex, I’d greet the doorman with the word Sir and a stiff handshake. While commuting to work, I’d ponder mature things . . . things like ROI and why bees are dying. Upon arrival to work, I’d not only hold the elevator, but allow women to exit first, even the ugly ones.

After reaching the 16th floor, I’d make sure to greet the secretary with the word Ma’am in unison with sincere eye contact (no looking at breasts). Once settled in my office, I’d check emails immediately, updating my calendar so that no appointments go unnoticed (timely arrival to meetings is very important).

This is what mature people do (Part 1).

More info on the CLAE McQueen here.


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