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The Muska Skytop in Green, Black & Red

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Cop here if you’re into gross.


Supra TK (Black and Red)

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supra_tkMy relationship with the Supra TK has been an interesting evolution:

At first they were dope.

Then I began to question the look.

Now they scare the shit out of me.

That said, they’re still one of the hottest and most sought after items on the blog.

So, cop here.

You’re welcome.

Supra TK

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supra-tk-society-grey-patent-2supra-society-tk-1supra-society-tk-2-540x3881Set to drop later this year, the Supra TK’s (Terry Kennedy’s) look similar to the sneaks I wear when I’m runnin’ laps on Saturn’s rings. It’s funny actually. The last time I was up there, this alien was all like, “wow, you’re the flyest earthling this side of the milky way.” I think he/she was trying to hit on me but I couldn’t tell if he/she was a boy or girl so I just kept on running. Weird.

More info on the TK’s here and here.

Supra Skytop TUF (Black)

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A lot of traffic coming in and out of this site is due to the above sneaker. Earlier this year it was impossible to find, but a few places have restocked and real talk, this is a must-have for anybody that’s into Skytops. Bottom line, these don’t get beat up. They’ve become my go-to sneaker and still look brand new.

Still not a believer? Okay -> before vs. after.

Cop at Huf.

Cop at Karmaloop.

Supra Skytops (floral)

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Looks like Get Fly Friday just turned into Flash Back Friday . . . or is it both. Whatever the case, these are bananas.

Don’t know where to get ’em (other than my closet).


Vans Silver Satin Half-Cab

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vans-2009-spring-summer-silver-satin-02vans-2009-spring-summer-silver-satin-03Heavens to Murgatroid!

More info here.

The TUF Muska Skytop

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tuf-black2supra-tuf1Just thought you numbskulls might wanna know that both of these are now available at Karmaloop…all sizes.

Click on the images for a direct link.