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The Mature Fresh (Part 2):

Let’s get one thing straight, the Grey Wool Mix Duffle Coat is not for people that think life is a game. If you don’t have a 401(k), forget about it, don’t even look at this fucking coat. If you’ve never been to Europe, and you’re even thinking about this coat right now, stop it. Fact of the matter is: unless you think you can turn your life around and actually make something of yourself, this coat shouldn’t even be on your radar.

That said, here’s some pointers on what you should do before the thought of a Grey Wool Mix Duffle Coat even enters your mind:

First of all, make sure you know who Sebastien Tellier is. Secondly, your favorite food should be ethnic. And lastly, if you own a pet, make sure it’s either a French Bulldog, a male Calico or a shark.

Being well-versed in the secrets of Freemasonry doesn’t hurt either.

This is what mature people do (Part 2).

Cop the Duffle here.